Global Market

For Shoei Foods Corporation, with imports and exports, production and processing, distribution and marketing of foods and food materials as our three main corn business, we have endeavored to provide our customers with the best products. Our maximum interest is to improve quality and safety of foods and food materials we provide. Shoei Qingdao takes the advantage of the convenient geographical condition to expand the business in domestic and overseas markets. On one hand, we purchase premium raw material from all over the world. Most are imported from America, Australia and Europe, like raisins, prunes, cranberries etc.. Some are from China. On the other hand, the equipments we used are mainly from Japan and America, so we can manufacture and process many kinds and types products according to different customers’ demands.

In 2004, Shoei celebrated the centenary of its founding. As part of our business expansion and globalization program, we are accelerating development of business in China, with the ultimate goal to secure a business network connecting Japan, the U.S. and China. Shoei Qingdao will continue to do our utmost to fulfill our customer satisfaction by promoting the development of business.