Shoei Foods Corporation

Corporate Introduction

Over a century ago, Shoei was founded as a private business dealing with dairy products.

Since then, in order to meet the versatile needs of our customers, we have expanded our supply sources of food materials worldwide, while strengthening domestic and international production capacities.

The core of our business is supported by three main functions; import/export,production/processing, and distribution/marketing.

The requirements for safer, healthier, fresher, and tastier foods are in greater demand, while the nutritional value of foods to preserve and promote health is strongly embraced by consumers.

We at Shoei along with subsidiaries in USA and China are determined to do our utmost in pursuit of the highest quality of foods and food materials that we provide.

Through our food business, we are committed to performing the role as a good corporate citizen contributing to the community where we operate.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Shoei Foods Corporation
Address 5-7,Akihabara,Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-8723
Tel +81-3-3253-1211
Fax +81-3-3253-0063
Establishment November 4th,1947(Founded in November 1904)
Capital 3,379.73million(October 31,2009)
President Ichiro Honda
Lines of Business 1.Production,processing and sale of dairy products.
2.Production and sale of nutritious foods,confectionery materals and jam
3.Production and sale of> 4.production and sale of beverages,canned and bottled foods,and general foodstuff.
5.Import and sale of liquors.
6.Foreign trade.