Ningxia Zheng Kang Food Co., Ltd.

Corporate Introduction

Ningxia Zheng Kang Food Co., Ltd. was formed in Zhongning County of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of western northern inland China in October 2004 as a joint venture between Ningxia Zheng Food and Shoei Foods Corporation.

Ningxia Zheng Kang Food is beginning to realize the high potentiality of wolfberry by improving quality and through manufacturing machine dried and frozen products to establish the development of the health-oriented market.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Ningxia Zheng Kang Food Co., Ltd.
Address Xinbao Town,Zhongning Country,Ningxia Province,China
Tel +86-955-5793368
Fax +86-955-5793360
Establishment October 19th,2004
Capital 1,000,000RMB
Chairman Zhu Yan Hua
General Manager Zhu Yan Hua
Main Facilities Washing Machine,Dryer,Freezer,Sorting Line
Main Acticities Processing wolfberry(machine drying),processing&sales of frozen fruits